About Janine

While studying for my Personal Training Diploma through ETA I was working for Physiotherapist in Rivonia.  I opened a small studio in Centurion Weirda Park 2004. I work one on one with clients and take on small groups (maximum of 4).

I believe that the  body is your machine and you need to use your body instead of a weight machine to do the work. So I use your body to do work outs.  Using your own body weight with a swiss ball, kettlebell, medicine ball, or theraband I find i get better results for what I want to achieve for my clients.

I do the following in my training:

Assessment :

Body weight (scale), body measurements, skin fold readings, upper body strength test, abdominal strength test, cardio fitness test, lower back and hamstring flexibility test.

From the assessment I can determine the weak and strong points of the client.  I then workout a personalized training program to suite the individual client’s needs.

Exercise Plans:

Exercise plans are designed to fit what the individual client needs e.g.

  • Weight loss:
    According to the client’s body fat percentage a exercise program will be determined, if body fat percentage is too high, we will first bring the body fat down.  We will do cardiovascular training & propose an eating plan. When the client has reached a lower body fat percentage, we can start working on stability, toning etc.
  • Core strength:
    Core strength is were we make the client’s abdominal and back muscles stronger.  (I use core stability in all my workouts).
  • Toning:
    Toning is where we firm and define the muscles in your body.


When working on the stability ball if your posture is incorrect in any way the exercises will be uncomfortable.  I work on correcting the pipeline from your head to your toes. Making you aware of the muscles that help with posture.